We don't talk no different den no one else. But since some a yinz might not know all da words we say, here's what dey mean:

Yinz: means "you all."

Jagoff: dis is what ya call someone who's a rill jagoff.

Jaggers: dis is a affectionate term we call our fans. Also it's one a dem bushes dat when ya been walkin inna woods, ya get jaggers stuck ta yer clothes.

Johnstahn: dat's where da show takes place. Baht an ahr an' a half ahtside Pixburgh.

Kolbossey: it's a kinda meat sausage dat comes cooked so ya don't even have ta heat it up unless yer havin' comp'ny.

Gobs: some people call 'em moon pies or whoopie pies but ther godam gobs.

Grody: ya call somethin' grody when it's gross but ya wanna say grody instead.

Hell's Road: dis is a dirt road behinna high school where the kids go an' smoke butcha ain't allowed ta go dere 'cause it's private property.

Idlewild: at’s a amusement park dahn Ligonier. It’s not as big as Kennywood, but dey still got attractions.

Ignerant: someone’s ignerant when ther bein rude.

N'at: means "and that." It's jus' somethin' ya say at the end of a sentence when ya wanna imply more stuff's goin' on.

Rill: means "real" but we don't pranahnce our e's like the Queen a England.

Snuggie: it's a blanket wit sleeves.

Stillers: der dat football team dat's better than yer team except fer da past couple a yirs.

Hot Dogs: Gina makes iss fer dinner.


If yinz wanna know a whole lot more abaht dis, head on over ta pittsburghese.com. Dey spent more time on iss than we did.